Beginning Rhythm Guitar 1, 2, 3 & 4


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Beginning Rhythm Guitar 1 | Sample Pages

Beginning Rhythm Guitar 2 | Sample Pages

Beginning Rhythm Guitar 3 | Sample Pages

Beginning Rhythm Guitar 4 | Sample Pages

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I wanted my students to master guitar skills at a manageable pace, be able to play a song starting with the very first lesson and feel successful every time they picked up the guitar.

All the BB Fuzz Music School books are written with the same philosophy slow, small sequential steps.  Each book is broken down into 10 graduating lessons.  The lessons are written to be as self-explanatory as possible so they are easily understood at home or even without a teacher. 

Each lesson has a clear beginning and clear end which works well in the classroom or for your groups.

Each lesson contains a new concept or chord, songs for practice and performance, a checklist for assignments, practice chart to keep up with practice minutes, helpful hints from BB Fuzz and a fun page for reinforcement.

These lessons are easy to follow and are not bogged down with complicated musical jargon.  There are many opportunities for repetition and reinforcement.  I also encourage teachers to customize and differentiate.  Students can be assigned 1 or 2 songs, a whole page, or be challenged by a more advanced strum pattern.  The lessons are broken down into small manageable easy to learn pieces.

The series includes 4 graduating books.

BOOK 1 is for true beginners that have never played before and know nothing about guitar.  It works great for elementary and middle grade classroom teaching.  Book 1 lesson available upon request.  BUY NOW!

BOOK 2 is for beginners that have played a few chords but need a little more structure.  Itís great for the older beginner.  BUY NOW!

BOOK 3 is for students how have mastered the common G, C, D and Em chords and want to add more chords to their repertoire.  BUY NOW!

BOOK 4 is for students who want to learn to read music, play from PVG books, fake books, lead sheets and chord charts.  It works well for those players who know the chords but want to know a little about reading music.  BUY NOW!

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