Music & Art Camps Only $85 (cash or check)

CAMP LOCATION:  Summer Camps will take place at our home: 6210 Linwood Drive, Covington, GA  30014

Info Soon!

Limited space | Call today!  678-342-9316 | 


Target Age | Rising K5 - 5th (These are target ages we do make exceptions when we can for older students)

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Our 3 day camps are terrific and expose kids to music and art in a fun way.  You’ll get a taste of being an artist and a musician while creating and performing.  We'll provide all the instruments for the day and the supplies.  

A great first step to becoming the musician and artist you want to be.  We plan lots of different activities that stimulate the mind, promote creativity and challenge our students. Oh . . . and don’t forget the “Real Rock Band”.


Maximum 15 Students - Completely taught and supervised by Jeff & Angie Johnson

Camp is awesome!  You'll learn about the guitar as you play some simple tunes like "Every Ant Deserves Great Big Ears".  Hey grab your paint brush too and turn a blank canvas into a true work of art.


Camp rules!  You'll learn to "tickle the ivories" as you play the BB Fuzz Musical Alphabet Songs.  What happens when you mix kids with paint?  Well, you've got yourself  a lot of fun.

Camps also include special activities, singing, snacks, the "Real Rock band" and more . . .

We'll provide all the instruments for the day and the supplies.

Reserve your spot:  Call 678-342-9316


 Mail check to:, 6210 Linwood Drive, Covington GA  30014


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