Great for Library Summer Reading Excitement, School Groups, Staff Development, Church Groups and many more!

Real People | Real Instruments | Real Rock & Roll

Want to get your hands on an electric guitar?

Want to sing on a microphone like American Idol?

Want to feel the low down notes of an electric bass guitar?

Want to to hear the sweet sounds of the keys?

Want to try your hand at playing a cool beat?

Want to strum the strings of an acoustic guitar?

Don't know how to play? 

NO PROBLEM!! We'll have you rockin' & rollin' in just minutes with our awesome program & workshop!!  You bring the mind and we'll bring the toys!

  The “Real Rock Band” is a workshop designed for up to 25 people (45 minutes).  Everyone gets a chance to hold and play the real instruments of a rock band as we form bands and play.  The electric guitar, electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar, snare drum, cymbal, keyboard and microphone are the stars of the show.  We’ll learn 2 or 3 short songs as we rock the house.  During the workshop students are encouraged to read books about famous musicians, instruments, composers, music history, music theory and music writing.  They’ll also explore the use of the rhyming dictionary. 

Great for elementary age, teenagers & adults.

Great for schools, libraries, birthday parties & staff development/team building.

Real People | Real Instruments | Real Rock & Roll

Fee:  $495 per workshop (travel expenses may apply | discount on additional workshops the same day)

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