The Real Rock Band Book

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Rock and roll like the big boys with this exciting book new book from the BB Fuzz Music School.  The Real Rock Band book is designed to put the real instruments of a rock band into the hands of students that have never played before (Check out the video at the top of the page for more info).

Students are guided through the process as they form bands and play the electric guitar, electric bass guitar, acoustic guitar, snare drum, cymbal, keyboard and sing on a microphone.  Within the first lesson students are able to practice and perform their first rhythms, melodies and songs on the rock band equipment.  Students also have a chance to compose and read musical charts. The “Real Rock Band” promotes team building, self-confidence and the understanding of music.  It's a great first step with no experience necessary.



   Check out the special YOUTUBE message at the top of this page from author Jeff Johnson along with sample pages!

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$10.95 Digital Download . . .


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