The Real Rock Band Instrument Cards

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      One way to organize your rock band class and give everyone a chance on all the instruments is by using the Real Rock Band Instrument Cards.

When working with a large group (30+/-) place the instrument cards on the floor and have students line up behind the instrument of their choice.  If a line is too long set line limits or encourage the students in that line to pick a shorter line.  After the students have had their turn playing or singing they can choose a different line and repeat the process.


When working with a group of 15+/- you may want to have as many instrument cards as students.  After each round of play the student would just move down to the next card.

The Real Rock Band Instrument Card Set includes:

    32 Rock Band Instrument Cards with instructions and pictures


1 of each card unless marked:  Electric Guitar, Electric Bass Guitar, Acoustic Guitar x3, Keyboard x3, Piano, Drums, Lead Singer, Background Singer x3, Auxiliary Percussion x5, Mandolin, Ukulele, Xylophone, Recorder, Conductor’s Baton, Fan of the Band x3, Band Manager, Plastic Music Tubes x2, Recycled Instruments x2


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$6.95 Digital Download . . .

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